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On my way

30 September 1988

I live in Budapest (Hungary), and I study mathematics at University of Szeged. I want to be a mathematics teacher or a mathematican. :)

I like reading, especially Harry Potter.
I play chess, but I'm not a professional player. :) I have chess competitions some of the weekends, I like thinking lot. :)
I like slavic nationalities, my favourite country is Croatia, and I like Bosnia too. I have read books about this region. I want to learn croatian language.

I learn German in the school, I learnt English, and I learn Croatian at home. I write my posts hungarian or/and english.

I like paintings, my favourite painter is Csontváry.

I don't like watching TV, I rather prefer internet.

My journal is friends only, so leave me a comment, if you want to read my posts.